Top 10 Facts About Hinata: The Byakugan Princess

The Narutoverse is quite vast, and the characters of the series are numerous.  That’s why knowing a bit about your favorite character is a must. In this article, we'll be sharing 10 little-known facts about one of the main characters, Hinata Hyuga (now Hinata Uzumaki). 

As many fans know, Hinata is a skilled ninja and member of the Hyuga clan, but she is also known for her strong will, determination, and love for the main protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. By the end of the series, Hinata marries Naruto and takes on his surname. Whether you're a long-time fan or just learning about Hinata, these facts are sure to surprise and delight you. Let's dive in!"

10. The Reason Behind Her Short Hair In The Past

The Reason Behind Her Short Hair In The Past

As fans of the popular anime and manga series 'Naruto' know, most of the female shinobi in training in Naruto's generation kept their hair long, a common trend among female characters in the show. 

However, one character stands out among the rest with her unique hairstyle: Hinata Hyuga. Unlike Sakura, Ino, and Tenten, Hinata chose to keep her hair cut to her chin, a choice that holds a deeper meaning. One possible reason for this is Hinata's crush on Naruto. She wouldn't want to draw the attention of Sasuke, who had a preference for girls with long hair. Additionally, there's also a cultural explanation behind this choice. 

In Japanese culture, cutting a girl's hair short was often seen as a form of punishment for those who brought shame to their families. Hinata, who struggled to gain the respect of her family as a shinobi, may have had her hair cut by her father as a symbol of their lack of faith in her abilities.

9. She Created A Jutsu At Age 15

She Created A Jutsu At Age 15

Among Hinata’s achievements, one stands out in particular: her mastery of the Twin Lion Fist jutsu. This powerful technique is a closely guarded secret within the Hyuga clan and is only taught to the main members. Hinata, however, managed to master it at a young age, becoming the second youngest member of the clan to do so and the youngest to fluently use it in battle. 

This accomplishment put her at the forefront of powerful characters in the series and in video games. In the anime, Hinata took this technique to new heights by creating her own version, which she named the Gentle Steps Twin Lion Fist. This added a unique flair to the technique and further solidified Hinata's position as a formidable character in the anime.

8. The Meaning Behind Hinata’s Name

The Meaning Behind Hinata’s Name

In any anime and manga, a character's name holds great significance, revealing much about their personality and story arc and this is certainly true for Hinata Hyuga. Her name, "Hinata" (日向) which is written the same as her family name Hyuga, can be translated to mean "place in the sun", signifying a position of favor or advantage. 

It also carries connotations of kindness and compassion. This is fitting, as Hinata starts off as a shy and timid girl, but as the series progresses, she grows and matures into a powerful and compassionate leader. 

Furthermore, Hinata's name also holds significance in the way it's written in Kanji, which is the same as her family name Hyuga. This implies that Hinata was meant to be one of the greats, and the series showcases how she lives up to that destiny.

7. Hinata Was A Rule Breaker (In An Odd But Cute Way)

Hinata Was A Rule Breaker (In An Odd But Cute Way)

Hinata Hyuga is known for her strong sense of morality and her unwavering loyalty to her friends and that fits true to her special someone. This was particularly evident during the chunin exams, where one of the rules was that students must secretly cheat on another classmate to pass the exam. 

She, however, refused to play by these rules, breaking them not once, but twice. First, she took the test without cheating on her classmates, and then she offered to cheat on Naruto. While her actions did not disqualify her from the exams, they certainly caused some controversy among the other characters. 

Fans assume that Hinata's decision to offer Naruto the opportunity to cheat on her was rooted in her attraction to him. Hinata has always held a deep admiration for Naruto, seeing something in him that others couldn't. In her mind, he was worth breaking the rules for. This selfless act showcases her strong character and her unwavering loyalty to those she cares about, making her a beloved and respected character in the series.

6. She Shares A Passion For Food Like Naruto

She Shares A Passion For Food Like Naruto

When it comes to finding common ground between characters, it's hard to beat a shared love of food - and in the case of Hinata and Naruto, that food is Ichiraku Ramen. The two of them are often seen chowing down on bowl after bowl of delicious noodles, and it's no secret that they both have a bit of a gluttonous streak when it comes to this particular dish. 

Hinata, in particular, has earned herself a reputation as a ramen aficionado, with a particular talent for eating large quantities of it in a single sitting. In fact, her feat of eating 46 bowls of Ichiraku Ramen in one go earned her the title of "The Queen of Gluttony.”

For many fans, this shared love of Ichiraku Ramen is proof that Hinata and Naruto are a perfect couple. After all, nothing brings people together quite like a shared love of good food, and the two of them seem to have that in spades.

5. She Is The Author’s Favorite Character

She Is The Author’s Favorite Character

When it comes to creating beloved characters, it's not uncommon for authors to have a personal favorite - and for Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the popular anime and manga series 'Naruto', that favorite character is none other than Hinata Hyuga. 

In a 2015 interview, Kishimoto revealed that he had always been particularly fond of Hinata and had always planned to bring her closer to the series' main protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. He said that he felt a deep connection to Naruto and wanted to see him happy, and so as the author of the series, he made sure to bring Naruto and Hinata's relationship to the forefront. 

As fans of the series know, Kishimoto's efforts paid off, as Naruto and Hinata eventually get married and have two children, Boruto and Himawari. Kishimoto's fondness for Hinata shines through in the character's development and her arc in the series, making her one of the most beloved characters in the franchise."

4. Hinata Inherits The Chakra Of Hamura Otsutsuki

Hinata Inherits The Chakra Of Hamura Otsutsuki

After encountering Hamura Otsutsuki, Hinata experiences a significant increase in power, thanks to her membership in the Hyuuga Clan's main house. This newfound chakra enhances her Gentle Step: Twin Lion jutsu, allowing her to perform it with even greater strength. 

Additionally, it grants her the ability to instantly replenish Naruto's vast chakra reserves and obliterate Toneri's Tenseigan. While this marks a pivotal moment in her ninja journey, Hinata continues to be a formidable kunoichi, capable of harnessing god-like abilities that are rare among other characters.

3. Her Favorite Phrase In The Series

Her Favorite Phrase In The Series

Hinata's favorite expression, as revealed in the databooks released during the manga run, is "self-confidence." This phrase holds significance for her character, who struggles with self-doubt and insecurities. 

She often has to psych herself up, mimicking Naruto's confidence, in order to push through challenges. As she matures, she becomes more self-assured and self-reliant. This phrase encapsulates her personal growth and development throughout the series.

2. Hinata Has Talent For Dancing

Hinata Has Talent For Dancing

Hinata possesses a natural talent for dance, her grace and poise translating seamlessly into her movement on the dance floor. Her teachers, Kurenai and Asuma, recognized her potential and nurtured her abilities, instilling in her the belief that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. 

In one particular episode, Naruto caught a glimpse of Hinata dancing by a waterfall, not realizing it was her. The next day, he couldn't stop talking about the "beautiful lady" he saw dancing, causing Hinata's face to flush with embarrassment.

1. She Became The Main Heroine Mid-way

She Became The Main Heroine Mid-way

As the creator of the series, Masashi Kishimoto was faced with a challenge to make a change in the protagonist in the middle of the manga. His peers believed that Hinata was the perfect candidate to take on a lead role, as they felt Sakura was receiving too much attention. 

Kishimoto took their advice to heart and made adjustments to the story as it progressed. In episode 165 of Naruto Shippuden, Sakura makes an accusation to Hinata that she is trying to take her place as the main heroine of the series because of her rising popularity. Hinata is taken aback by this statement, but Naruto seems to understand the underlying context. This scene sparked debate among fans, dividing them over who deserved the title of the main heroine of the story.