Top 10 Facts About Gabi Braun – The Most Hated Attack On Titan Character

Are you a fan of the popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan? If so, then you're likely familiar with the character Gabi Braun. Gabi is a member of the warrior squad under the jurisdiction of the Marleyan military and has made a significant impact on the series with her actions and beliefs. Despite her importance, however, she is also one of the most hated characters in the franchise. 

We will be exploring the top 10 facts about Gabi Braun, delving into her background, personality, and the reasons why she's so polarizing among fans of the series. From her tragic childhood to her controversial beliefs, this article will give you a comprehensive understanding of Gabi Braun and her role in Attack on Titan. So, whether you love her or hate her, read on to discover the truth about this complex and fascinating character.

10. She Is Next In Line To Inherit The Armored Titan Power

She Is Next In Line To Inherit The Armored Titan Power

As a Warrior Candidate, Gabi has undergone rigorous training that has sharpened her abilities, making her a formidable Titan Shifter. Her exceptional combat skills and potential have earned her the title of top candidate for inheriting the coveted Armored Titan power, which her cousin Reiner Braun currently holds. Gabi's abilities are so impressive that she surpasses even her fellow Warrior Candidates.

9. Kaya And Gabi Were Friends

Kaya And Gabi Were Friends

Gabi and Falco made a daring escape from their cell, leading them to cross paths with a family unknown to them - Sasha's family. A few years earlier, Sasha had intervened to save a young girl named Kaya from the jaws of a terrifying Titan. Losing her mother in the attack, Kaya was taken in by Sasha's father and became a member of their family. 

Despite initial unease, Kaya's friendship with the warrior candidates blossomed. However, when the truth of Gabi being responsible for Sasha's death was revealed, Kaya's desire for revenge was reignited. But a life-saving act by Gabi caused her to reassess her feelings and led to a change of heart.

8. Gabi’s Design Was A Copy Of Eren Yeager

Gabi’s Design Was A Copy Of Eren Yeager

Gabi's character design was heavily influenced by a sketch he had made of a female version of Eren Yeager. This explains the striking resemblance between Gabi and Eren, which can be noticed at first glance. Isayama stated that this was intentional and that it was meant to convey a specific meaning in the story.

7. Gabi Almost Killed Eren

Gabi Almost Killed Eren

As Marley launched their invasion on Paradis, Eren and Zeke knew that time was of the essence if they wanted to access the Coordinate. Eren raced towards his brother but was abruptly shot in the head by Gabi, separating his head from his body. But Zeke caught hold of Eren's head and together they entered the Coordinate, where Eren initiated the Rumbling. Through her actions, Gabi almost single-handedly prevented the most significant threat the series had ever seen from coming to fruition.

6. She Is A Daring Soldier

She Is A Daring Soldier

Gabi is a daring soldier who fearlessly took on an armored train and its heavily armed guards single-handedly. When the enemy advanced, commanders Magath devised a plan for 800 Eldian Warriors to charge the mid-eastern gunmen guarding the base, creating an opening. 

However, Gabi proposed an alternate strategy - using a bomb she had made to take out the anti-Titan artillery alone, without losing any soldiers. Gabi's bold and creative approach impressed Magath and he gave her the green light, which she accomplished quite splendidly at that.

5. Eren Turned Her Into A Mindless Titan

Eren Turned Her Into A Mindless Titan

As desperate as the situation was, Eren's actions caused the Eldians at Fort Salta, including Gabi, to be transformed into Titans without inheriting any of the Nine Titans– in short they were transformed either into an abnormal or ordinary titan. Gabi's dream of becoming a Titan shifter was fulfilled but in the most tragic way.

4. Gabi Killed Sasha Braus

Gabi Killed Sasha Braus

Gabi Braun and Sasha Brouse are both warriors, and it is not surprising that their paths would eventually cross on the battlefield. Gabi, being an Eldian, holds a strong belief that only those who remain pure and separate from the citizens of Paradis are true Eldians. 

This belief is a result of her upbringing, where she was taught that Paradisians are evil and that Eldians who associate with them are just as guilty. However, despite her indoctrination, it can be difficult for viewers to empathize with her actions. 

Gabi fights for Marley, a nation that has a history of oppressing and discriminating against Paradis. This includes the ambush by Paradisians and the Survey Corps, which ultimately leads to her confrontation with Sasha, and killing her in the Potato Girl we once adored, in the process.

3. Gabi And Younger Eren’s Personalities Are Alike

Gabi And Younger Eren’s Personalities Are Alike

Not only does the duo have a similar design, but also in the way they do things. Gabi Braun and Eren Yeager share many similarities in their characters, including a deep-seated hatred for the opposing side and a fierce desire to defeat them. However, after spending time among the enemy, both characters begin to question their previous perspectives and beliefs. Gabi's approach to battle is also marked by impulsiveness, lacking strategic thinking, and putting herself and her comrades at risk, much like Eren's reckless behavior in the past. Despite these similarities, it is clear that Gabi's experiences and Eren's experiences shape them into different individuals

2. How Gabi Joined The Survey Corps

How Gabi Joined The Survey Corps

As Eren initiates the Rumbling, Gabi comes to realize that the indoctrinated beliefs instilled in her by Marley are irrelevant and that her priority is to assist the Survey Corps in any way possible to save the world. 

She is not alone in this sentiment, as other members of the Warrior Unit also choose to ally with their former enemies, such as Pieck, Falco, and Magath. Meanwhile, characters like Reiner and Annie are able to reconcile with their comrades from the 104th Cadet Corps. Gabi's decision to join the Survey Corps reflects a realization that the true enemy is not each other but the real threat that endangers all of humanity.

1. Gabi Wanted To Be A Marleyan

Gabi Wanted To Be A Marleyan

In the world of Attack on Titan, there are two races altogether, with the Eldians and Marleyans being the most prominent. These two groups have a complex history, marked by centuries of conflict. The Eldians possess the unique ability to transform into Titans, which they once used to oppress and terrorize the Marleyans. Among the characters 6f the series Gabi is an Eldian like most of her peers, but she rejects her heritage and yearns to be Marleyan instead.